Sneak Peek Scoop On “Locked From The Inside”

Hey, future reporters of the world! It is AJ Niel ( world-renowned reporter ) here to get y’all a little spoiler about the new movie, “Locked from The Inside”!

Locked From The Inside ( spoiler scoop! )

So, Ms. SDBH, what inspired you to make this film have a sense of mystery about it?

I’ve always liked that in a movie or book! It makes everything so interesting…..and gives a dramatic ending such a bang!

Not to pry, but can you give us any clues as to what your dramatic ending might be?

Well, I can tell you that Wren ( The main character. Red hair. Remember her? ) will find out why she thinks she’s been to the place ( Of which I yet cannot tell ye the name ) she ‘s in.

Hmm. Can you tell us why you decided to make a movie starring a girl who knows nothing about herself, not even who she is?

Again, it’s a sense of mystery! Later on, there will be several people as to who Wren ( not her real name, but what everyone calls her since she doesn’t actually know her real name. ) could be! I think the audience will be very enraptured by Wren’s reasonings..she has quite a lot!

Report By: Be Myself News, AJ Niel, Reporter

Love And Hugs,



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