Locked From The Inside-Part 2

Yes! Finally I took the photos I needed! Enjoy!


We had moved to a new location. I could tell they had moved us overnight, because the view from our window had changed when we woke up in the morning. I assumed we were with some sort of gypsy band. We had also gotten a new room in which the living conditions were cleaner and more bearable.


The other girl’s name was Rita. She was very nice, as I predicted, and we were fast friends. She had been living here for what she said felt like years, but was really probably only a month or so.


Currently, she was telling me how she came to be here. ” At first, I thought it was a twisted orphanage. My last relation had just died, I was all alone.” She explained. Had that happened to me? Was that why I sometimes felt like my heart would break? “At first I was worried. Why did they want me? I was a little girl, orphaned and frightened.”


I broke into her speech by gasping and sitting down. Could it be? I was sure it had to be. “Rita,” I said, “I’ve just found the next puzzle piece.”


Sorry there aren’t more pictures. You’ve all been very supportive and sweet, thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re all liking it so far. Soon I will try to show you my shelf for my Groovy Girls….I also have some new Groovies to introduce!

The SDBH gals


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