Meet The New Groovies

I got some more Groovy Girls….Oops! I have so many now! But they are ADORABLE! I love them so much. So…first up is Safari Kari! She is super cute, and came with a little stuffed monkey! I don’t think whoever owned her and the next two ( They came from the same thrift store, so I assume they are from the same person. ) really used them very much, which is so sad! I collect Groovy Girls, but I also play with them. In my opinion, dolls are meant to be played with. I renamed Kari a great name……Blaze Jane Amberdale!

Then, we have the lovely Cinder Sue! Cinder Sue is a special edition halloween doll, which is so cool! I renamed her Beatrix Cameron Lilimonde.

THIS IS AMAZING. My mom got me a MERMAID Groovy girl!!!! Her name is Melina Leilani ( Last name I haven’t decided yet )! She is adorable! I’ve been wanting a mermaid forever! Thanks so much mommy!

And I got Sesilia! She was found with a LOT of cute Groovy Girl clothes. I renamed her Romily-Gwen Jessamine Van Knig. ( It’s quite a name )


That’s all for today! Tomorrow, maybe there will be part three of Locked From The Inside!


the SDBH gals



I got a photo-editing app! This is my favourite.


This is pretty too!


Awwwww! Whimsy is SO CUTE! I love this one!


This one isn’t edited, I just used a filter. It turned out great!


Also, last night this happened. My mom and my brother were playing Chinese Checkers, and….

Meadow: So, am I winning yet?

Me: Meadow, you’re not even playing.

Meadow: Oh, yeah. Is my representative winning yet?

Me: Well, who is your representative?

Meadow: Whoever’s winning.

Me: Ugh…..



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