Locked From The Inside-Part 3

Ready for the next part of Locked From The Inside? In this part, Wr-Oops! No spoilers!



“I think-I think that my aunt used to-and might still-own this place. I remember coming to a little traveling mansion when I was little. Back then, she kept birds in this room….NOT young girls.” I said. Rita giggled. ” Your aunt must be a nutcase!” she laughed.


“what was that? Are they coming for us? And who ARE they?” I gasped, frightened.


The door opened a crack, a girl with a determined look on her face was thrown gruffly into the room, and the door closed. I approached her apprehensively. I remembered, too, how confused…insane, almost…I had been when I was thrown in the same manner to the place where I met Rita.


She stood up. “WHERE am I?” she demanded. ” WELL? Come on! You must know! And what was that freaky lady with the cone-hat who calls herself “The Ever Beautiful Queen Of The Gypsies” mean by throwing me in here?!”


I had been looking away, but I turned to her. “Wait…what do you mean? You remember everything? Also, as a side note, what’s your name?” I inquired if the girl. “I remember every bit. And my name is Melisande. What, don’t YOU remember conehead?” She retorted quickly.

Then it hit me.

The Queen Of The Gypsies had forgotten to brainwash Melisande.




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