Locked From The Inside-Part 4

I can’t promise anything, but the next part may be THE FINALE! Are you excited?


“I remember everything, from the moment my family got our first pet, to the second I was brought here. So, you’re telling me you don’t remember….anything?” said Melisande, sounding a little scared that she, too, might get brainwashed. I listened to her. Being able to see all your loved ones and almost everything else in your mind’s eye must be wonderful.


“Listen, ” she whispered secretively, ” I managed to grab the keys from the guard’s belt as he threw me in here”. “Why didn’t you tell us right from the start?” I asked her, a little hurt. ” I didn’t know if you were safe….if you were with them….if I could trust you.”  Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. Melisande really was smart.


“Let’s get out of here!” said Rita, a little too enthusiastically. “Shush!” I warned her.  ” Rita is right. We leave at midnight.” Said Melisande.


Later that night, we unlocked the door so that not even the most wide-awake guard could hear it, and sneaked out the door.


Yes, sorry! I left you on a cliffhanger!!!!! OH THE SUSPENSE!



The SDBH gals


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