No Name Post

Yes, I know that…

A: No Name Post is possibly the worst title in all of blogging history.


B: this is my third post today. The reason for this is that I blog when I’m bored.


I’ve got a sort-of-related-to-Locked-From-The-Inside thingy. Basically, this is what Wren remembers about The Traveling House-Mansion-Thing.


“Oh, she’s adorable! Ellie ( Wren’s mom’s name ) would have been so proud of the little lady she’s become! Dan, where will she stay once you….pass? I know that you will not defeat your sickness.”

( Dan ) ” Do not talk of such grave things in front of  a child. She knows what you’re saying, you know. She is an odd child. We will talk about this later.”

( Wren’s thoughts ) What were they speaking of? Papa’s passing? I did not care, if that was indeed what they spoke of. I had never cared for my father.  My mother died when I was a youngling,  and I had always assumed that it had left a scar on his heart for all to see. He did not mean to be cold towards me…he was still in a state of grieving. I loved him, surely, however I could not get through to him. He would never fully process anything I said to him. Auntie, on the other hand, was a kind spirit. She lived in a traveling house with her other family members. I loved the thought of living here forever. It really was a beautiful place, with so many rooms……rooms full of……..birds.

What did you think? I really enjoyed writing this from a young Wren’s perspective. And, yes, now you know…..Wren was right about her Aunt owning the traveling mansion!


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