Quick Thank-You Post

This will be fast, but here goes:

Thank you guys so much. Thank you whoever’s reading this. THANK YOU! You guys are all so awesome. You’ve commented saying how much you liked this, or how much you liked that. Also, you all have great blogs, and I check back at them every day. My blog definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without you. When I started this blog, I was a little scared of whether I would do it correctly, say the right things, or if anyone would even know it existed. If you want to start a blog, do it. Getting it out there, getting it going, might be hard, but it all pays off. So once more, I’ll say….


The SDBH gals




9 thoughts on “Quick Thank-You Post

  1. Hello, Miri! 🙂
    A few weeks ago I had an idea to start a blog treasure hunt. Basically, I’m going to ‘hand out’ some clues I’ve made to some blogger volunteers. Then the volunteers ‘hide’ the clues on their blogs, like in their sidebars or a page. The clue might say something like.. “The blog of a girl with lots of dolls.” That was a bad example… 😛

    When I announce the treasure hunt on June 10th all of the clues will be hidden, and the players can follow them from one blog to another, making sure to keep track of the red letters that will be in the clues.

    Once the player has found all the clues, she will arrive at a password protected page. Once they get to the password protected page they will have to line up all of the red letters that were in the clues. These red letters will make the password which will unlock the password protected page! Inside the page there will be a virtual prize that the player will get.

    So, my question is: Would you like to be a volunteer and hide the clue on your blog? As soon as we get responses from everyone we’ve asked to volunteer, I will hand out some clues to you guys and ask you to hide them in some special place.
    Please reply pretty soon so we can know if you’re going to participate! 😀

    Thanks so much!
    -Clara ❤

    P.S. THIS IS TOP SECRET INFORMATION SO DO NOT TELL ANY OTHER BLOGGERS! 😉 That is why I posted this comment on an old post. 😛

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      • Yay! Thank you soo much! I’ll let you know when it’s time to hide the clues. 😀
        WOO-HOO! Thanks again!! 😀

        -Clara ❤

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