Random Doll Musings ( with a mix of other stuff )

I’m not sure what to do today. So, I’ll be random, a thing I seem to be good at!  Here are some doll-related questions!

  1. Which doll do you want to get next? I think Lea is pretty, but I’m also excited for next year’s GOTY ( Yeah, I know, that’s a long way away )
  2. What is your favorite hair color on a doll? ( I am a redhead fanatic. Is anyone else? )
  3. I don’t  have enough doll coats and winter attire. Does anyone else have this problem?

Cats keep making me jumpy. Our new cat, Emmett, is VERY energetic and from eight o’ clock every morning to two in the afternoon he RUNS around the house like a madman. That would be why I keep my door closed, because I don’t want him to injure one of my dolls.

I like books. A lot. Oh yeah, and peppers, dolls ( which is pretty manifest ), cats, being homeschooled, hamsters, owls, and minecraft.

Well, maybe tomorrow the new part of Locked From The Inside will be up.

The SDBH gals


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