Home + Thanks!

You’ll understand the title, trust me. Basically, Home means I’ll tell you what I thought of the movie Home, and also, I wanted to say thanks for……

All of you who checked out my writing blog! If you missed that post, you can look at my blog here!

Now, onto the Home section:

I love this movie! It always makes me cry a little, but in a good way. Towards the end, it’s so suspenseful, but I won’t tell you how in case you haven’t watched it. ( I have, obviously. 5 times. ) My favourite things/parts of this movie were:

Tip has a cat named Pig! I LOVE cats, and my aunt has a pug with a curly tail like Pig’s.

Oh! ( the character, not the exclamation ) He is my fave character besides Tip and Pig ( cats come first ) and he’s SO funny! I like how the Boov turn whatever colour they’re feeling, too.

The music in this movie! I always feel like dancing!

The voices totally suit the characters. Have you ever watched a movie/TV show and been like “Oh, I love this character’s attitude, but not the voice they chose for it”?

Rating: Ten out of ten! I loved this movie so much!!!!

The SDBH gals



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