Coming Home ( Four Doll’s Stories )

I decided to do a blog post celebrating all of my dolls and how they came to be in my house. Each of my dolls is special to me. When Jaclynn at Little House Of American Girls says that she needs to find the perfect doll, I know what she means. It has to be YOUR doll. She has to have the perfect smile, maybe an odd quirk. You have to know she’s meant for you. ( I was really lucky when I received my Rebecca as a birthday gift. She’s perfect. I loved her from the start. ) So I decided to make a blog post about how my first four dolls got to my house. Carry on!


Oof. This box was not big enough. I squirmed, and for the 5oth time tried to get the neck ties off. I’d be willing to bet that my neck would be sore and red forever on. Finally, after seven days, I arrived. I was finally going to get out of that wretched box! But there was a catch, as there is for almost all good things in life. The little girl was receiving me as a birthday gift. So I had to stay in the box. Argh! Finally, FINALLY, it was the day. The girl screamed with delight as she held me up to the light. Home at last.


“But mom, why do you have to move? I know dad has a new job there, but please, mom”. tears welled up in my eyes. I hated this. I had always assumed that we would just stay here. Stay happy. Stay together. I had to be adopted in the next week from my foster family, or else it was back to Madame Ravie and her orphanage. I dreaded it. Then, the next day, my spirits lifted. There was a family looking for a nice girl who was ten years old. I fit the script. Would I do it? You better believe I would. Papers were signed,  and soon I was rushed to my new family the day before my foster family moved. Home at last.


I lived in a thriving town. My family and I were happy together. And then everything changed. A flood jolted our home from it’s foundation. Panic everywhere. My family was safe, but I was adopted into a family of two girls, at least until my house was better. A few years later, I got a letter from my parents saying that they’d take me back. I told them that I would actually like to stay where I was. These girls were my sisters. I visit my parents often, but I am now at home with my other family!


I had never known my real parents. I was kidnapped as a little girl, and taken to a huge store were I sat on display for several months.  Where was I? It was all very confusing. Being a doll, getting kidnapped and brought to stores is a common event in our community. I couldn’t be sad: like I said, I had nobody who cared for me. And…one day a girl adopted me. Home AT LAST.


6 thoughts on “Coming Home ( Four Doll’s Stories )

  1. When I read your blog, I was also excited to learn I was not the only one who loves Maplelea! It is too bad that people would be saying unkind things about Maplelea. Thank you for offering to feature me, that would be great!


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