Locked From The Inside-Part 5

Okay, first let me say I am SO SORRY. I have not had the time to post the next part, but here it finally is!


Just like that, we were out.


Rita looked like she wanted to close her eyes, but was afraid to. was excited, personally.


We walked down a corridor in silence. Could this really be it?


Somehow, we made our way to a door with a thing were you have to punch in the right sequence if numbers ( the word escapes me at the moment ). I started punching in random numbers, but Melisande stopped me. “Listen. Ly-I mean, Wren, it goes like this.” Then she put in 51175. “How-how did you know that?” I breathed. “I’ll explain later.” she said, and we walked in the door.

20160417_031325104_iOS - Copy - Copy

“Hello, my niece.”


Cliffhanger again! Next part will be the final one!

The SDBH gals


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