Yes! this will be a little post, so sorry about that, but this is so cool! I got all the stuff included in this haul post at…

A: a garage sale at a nice lady’s house ( she was only opening it to homeschoolers tonight! She was retiring from homeschooling. 🙂 )

B: a thrift store ( I do love my thrift stores! XD )

C: a huge garage sale at a church

Here’s what I got! I am really excited XD.

The Groovy Dolls:

Aqualina! She is supposed to be a mermaid groovy, but her tail is detachable, and since I got her from the thrift store she didn’t have it with her. Her sister is Melina Mermaid! She was one dollar. She came with all her clothes, and her cute little fishy bag. Her full name is Ocean Aqualina Morris!

Candy Heart Cassidy! She is so cute! She came wearing her ADORABLE dress, necklace, and her really cute “4 Ever ” bag. Her dress has a heart that says “Be Mine” on it too! She was also one dollar, from the same thrift store as Ocean Aqualina. She does not have a family as of yet. Her full name is Cassidy-Jane Melody Cinnamon-Heart.

Trissa! Trissa is one dollar, and she is from the same thrift store as Ocean Aqualina and Cassidy-Jane! She came wearing her SUPER CUTE owl shirt, a jaguar belt, and some cute jeans. I named her Trissa Lee Benedict! Her sisters are Sidnee and Kennedy!

The Groovy ROOM:

Yes, I got a ROOM! It is a backdrop with little velcro spots on it and it comes with accessories that also have velcro on them, so you can attach the accessories to the walls. The room backdrop is reversable, which is so cool! There was also a bean bag chair, two stools, a table, a bed ( with blanket and pillow ), a pet dog, a groovy doll stand, and a rug! It was all for $15! What a good deal. This was all from the lady’s garage sale. She was super nice! I HAVE A GROOVY HOUSE! Sorry. XD!

The SDBH gals


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