Locked From The Inside-Wren’s POV-ENDING

Wren’s POV ( Point Of View):

My aunt ( the one who said “Hello, niece” ) is very nice. She told me my parents were dead-I had expected it.  Their names were Dan and Ellie ( Elizabeth ). Apparently my real, birth name, was Lavender, but everyone calls me Wren, because I’m too used to it to be Lavender. It is hard to live with my aunt…..it’s quite a change. I live in the room I had been “trapped” in now, with Rita, who is now my sister because my aunt adopted her. Melisande went back to her parents, but she visits us a lot. And here’s the shocker: she trapped me, Rita, and Melisande because she knew one of was her relation-she just didn’t know which one. And the cone-head? That was my cousin, dressing up. She’s five. Bye! ( Forever. *SNIFFLE* )

That was it! If you have any questions, LET ME KNOW!

The SDBH gals




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