The Made-Up Award/Challenge

I…kinda…made-up….an…award/challenge..thingy. I’m not sure if I did this right, so PLEASE let me know if I didn’t. ( I’m kind of new to this whole awards and challenges thing, hehe. ) I designed this award, I hope you like it!

Title: The Made-Up Award 


  1. have fun!
  2. nominate as many other bloggers as you want.
  3. try to answer all the questions given to you.
  4. add on extra questions if you want!


  • what is your favorite book?
  • what was your favorite GOTY? ( Girl Of The Year )
  • what is something people might not know about you? ( if you feel comfortable answering this )
  • what is your favorite sport?
  • do you like waffles/pancakes? ( if not, then why? )
  • do you like horses?
  • have you ever been camping?

Um….that’s it! I hope you liked it! I nominate…….

Kara at hellodollieblog




Thanks if you do it, and even if you don’t! Bye!

The SDBH gals



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