Meet Morgan!

So…Morgan is a Beanie Buddies cat, originally named Chip. I found her at the back of our neighbor’s house. They had moved, and left all of their stuff behind their house in large boxes. I saw some stuffed animals in one box, and dug around a bit. Eventually I found this adorable cat! She was sweet, with a calico pattern and big amber eyes. I loved her! I picked her up to show my mom and she just said “No.” Well, I didn’t stand for  a no! I convinced my mom, and brought Morgan home. She’s so cute! Anyway, a few days later, I go to my piano teacher’s house for my piano lesson. During lessons, I looked at the chair behind us, and…their was Morgan! But…I looked closer. That wasn’t Morgan! She was the same stuffie, but my piano teacher’s! Imagine that! My sweet Morgan had a double! And guess what theirs was named? Molly! It’s so funny! My brother actually came up to me while I was holding Molly, and said “Hi Morgan!” LOL!

The SDBH gals


Expect a new photoshoot soon!



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