Fun Photos! Plus News On Maddy’s Makeover

So, let’s get started with the pics!


20160502_152346258_iOS - Copy


I recall a while ago, one of my mom’s friends who had heard of my blog asked for a cat-and-doll picture! Here it is!

20160502_152310593_iOS - Copy



20160502_152256297_iOS - Copy

20160502_152216346_iOS - Copy


I love this one!

Her beautiful hairstyle-by yours truly!

Ooh! I love this mosaic!

These two are by far my favorites!

Three of these are SKye-when I got her! Question for all doll bloggers: Skye’s hair has gotten a little frizzed over the years. Does that make me a bad doll blogger?

Anyway. Next post there’ll probably be some pics of Seraphina’s freckles..and Maddy’s Makeover! Hmm..what could that could that be???



18 thoughts on “Fun Photos! Plus News On Maddy’s Makeover

  1. Awesome photos, Maplelea! I love the ones of Merida. 🙂 Oh, and just because Skye’s hair has gotten frizzed doesn’t mean you’re a bad blogger…she’s definitely been loved. 🙂 YouTube has some great doll hair repair tutorials if you are thinking about “fixing” it. 😀
    ~Grace ❤

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  2. Amazing pictures! I have the same Webkinz hamster stuffy! I use to be huge into Webkinz, until I got my AG doll. I had 26-30 Webkinz pets! I got most of them from the dollar store!
    kaitlynrh1 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    • Thanks! Mine’s name is Chewy. 🙂 Huh, that’s so funny, me too! When I got really into dolls I totally forgot about Webkinz. I have around 30 too, and I got all kine from the dollar store!

      ❤ maplelea ❤ XD XD XD

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  3. Awesome pics! I love the ones of Merida!
    Don’t worry, if your dolls have frizzy hair it doesn’t make you a bad blogger, it just means that you love your dolls a lot. I’m sure you can find a way to de-frizz it, but if your doll’s hair is curly, it may lose some curl. I did this to my doll (the European AG, sort of) and her hair became less curly, but I actually like her new wavy hair with some curl better! 😛
    Looking forward to new posts!

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  4. Cool, kaitlynrh1! I knew mine was going to be a boy and Hope sounded a bit like a girl’s name, so I changed it! I do like the name Hope, though.

    ❤ maplelea ❤


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