Happy Mother’s Day + Fun With AJ

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! We had a Mother’s day Tea at my Girl Guides, and our Aunt and Uncle came over for brunch. Well, yes..this is a bad idea, but I’m letting AJ se the computer for a second.

Move over, Mommy!

Be patient, Alexi Jorja. So I’ve been working a bit on AJ’s personality and she’s going to talk about herself a bit today!

C’moooooooooooon. I wanna turn!


Okay! Well, hello! My name is AJ, but when somebody us annoyed with me they call me Alexi Jorja. Or sometimes my full name, Alexi Jorja Niel. Yes. Anyway! I like…

  • Oooh, soccer? Or basketball! Oh! Baseball! No…Badminton! Ooh, ooh, or Rugby! I like sports.
  • I like…TV. Yes, I know that sounds funny! Especially the Amazing Race.
  • I like monkeys! They remind me of…me! I am really energetic and bouncy and swingy! Just like meeeeeeeeee!

That’s all!

Thanks for listening!



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