Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. I. Have. 20. Followers!!! 20! Eek! ( Actually 22, LOL. ) Well, just, wow. You girls amaze me every day. You leave the sweetest comments, and I would love to be able to thank you all in person, but I’ll give you virtual hugs, and here is a little gallery of thanks:

Bella, a totally sweet blogger who loves books and has a super cute dog, Ptero!

Bennettv, an amazing writer and doll blogger who has great ideas!

Jen, a who has a mother-daughter doll blog with lots of fun posts!

Genna, a great dancer who has so many posts to read!

Katie, an awesome blogger who I would love to meet in real life!

Zielle, a fellow homeschooler navigating the world we live in through her blog!

Lily, a great over-the-internet friend, who makes me happy all the time!

Grace, a total sweetheart whose posts I love!

Hayley, a fun blogger who showed me the huge difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs!

Christian Homeschooler, a christian homeschooler ( duh. ) who takes amazing pictures of dolls!

Daydreamingdolls, A super-nice girl named Anna who writes and takes beautiful photos!

Loren, an AMAZING writer with a passion for dolls and writing, of course!

Meg and Michelle from CDNotebook, two adult doll-lovers with daughter to share their interests with. Their blog has so many cool discoveries about dolls!

Vitblock1973, a friend of mine in real life who loves lego, cats, and craziness! She is super nice!

Rutvi, an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photographer who has the BEST blog name ever!

Janie, one of my first followers who has a simply lovely blog!

kaitlynrh1, a sweetie who has commented on almost all of my posts!

Olivia, a photographer and blogger who loves sylvanian families!

Clara, an amazing friend and totally sweet blogger who loves unicorns!

Hellodollieblog, a great doll blogger named Kara who was my FIRST FOLLOWER! Thanks so much, Kara!

Just…I can’t even. Thank you so much, guys!




23 thoughts on “Okay…Breathe.

  1. You are SOO nice! I love how you always comment on my blog… it means a lot to me. Also, I’m so glad you like my photography and my blog name! 🙂 You deserve every follower, all of your posts are so fun! ❤

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