Ling Review!

Hello everyone! I am here!

And not dead.

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long.

Really long!

Be quiet, Ling!

I refuse!

Okay. So, Ling (Lingonberry) is doing a little guest post today. And she wanted to do a…


Okay, okay, Ling! I’ll give it to Ling now.

Good good. The pink text is me, the wonderfluous Lingonberry. And I am doing a Q annnnd A! Ask me any questions you want! I would love them. Buh-bye.

So! I wanted to do a review on Ling. And PLEASE, if you know what her name is, TELL ME! I couldn’t figure it out. πŸ™‚

Let’s go!


Here is an overview. She is so cute! She came with green boots with “R” and “L” on them. Her dress goes up to her neck and is a light-ish pink with red-pink polka dots and rick-rack on the bottom. It also has lace around the puffed sleeves. I LOVE her dress. It has a lot of super-cute detail!


Here is a close-up of her face! She has button-style (plastic) eyes. They has cute little “ribbons” on the sides for eyelashes! The little stain on her face is supposed to be there-it comes with the doll. Her cute little “stitched” mouth is adorable! And her cheeks!




11 thoughts on “Ling Review!

    • Oh, thanks! I thought that might be her name but her hair didn’t match in the pictures I saw, so I wasn’t entirely sure it was her. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

      ❀ Miri ❀

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