Annoying Foot! And Skye News!

Alrighty! So! Annoying Foot…what?!  I know, I know. Very random. Well, um….yeah. Just…read.

Exactly one year ago, I hurt my foot. I was rolling back and forth on a huge ball, and I rolled back into a chair. And..well, my baby toe split open. It didn’t hurt at all, because I was in shock, but I was bleeding all over. I hadn’t looked at it, so I went upstairs to tell my dad I’d hurt myself. Before I did that, I went to the bathroom, where we keep our band-aids, to put one on. But it wouldn’t go on, because I was bleeding so much. Ick. And then, since my mom was at volleyball, my dad (who technically wasn’t supposed to drive, since he had just had surgery) called my grandparents to drive us to the hospital. We got the hospital, me limping very grumpily, and I waited…this is the kicker…EIGHT HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EIGHT HOURS! To get 3 little stitches! Argh!

Ya. So, that’s my foot horror story. And today….

We were at a homeschooler meet-up, and my friends Tim and a bunch of other kids were playing grounders. I don’t really like grounders, and I was just about to take a break. I was walking off the playground, and earlier mentioned Tim was It, and was racing up the play structure towards me. He tried to tag me because he didn’t know I wasn’t playing, and in the process stepped on my foot. Ouch! Well, anyway. After that, I went back to the bench I had been sitting in, and looked at my foot. And it was bleeding. A lot. I put a Kleenex on it, and put on a sock, and then later I looked at it again…and there was a blood stain on my sock. Ew. Really, I didn’t feel anything, because there was a scab there and he just scraped it off by accident, causing it to bleed. 


But…really! Same day…almost same thing. Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows! And..since this is a DOLL BLOG, I have DOLL NEWS! So, Skye’s hair was really frizzy. I tried this tutorial! More on that later!




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