Liebster Award!

Hi everyone! Today we’re doing the Liebster Award and I’m SUUUUPER excited! K.A. tagged me for this, thanks a bunch, K.A! Let’s get started!


Link back to the person that tagged you-done

Answer all 11 questions

Tag 11 bloggers who have less than 1,000 readers

Ask them 11 questions

Let them know you tagged them through social media

Share 11 random facts about you


Okay! Now that you all know the rules, let’s do this thing!

  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Hm…to get a new doll? LOL.

2. Have you ever eaten cotton candy?

Yes, I think once….it was very gross. I don’t like REALLY REALLY sugary things at ALL!

3. If you could have more or less siblings, which would it be? If more, then older or younger and what gender?

OH! I have ALWAYS wanted a huge family! I think I’d like two sisters, both younger, and one also younger brother. LOL, I like being oldest! 😛

4. Have you ever seen any of the Marvel movies? (Iron-man, Captain America, Thor, Avengers etc)

Uh…I’ve seen pretty much half of a Marvel movie I don’t know the name of while I was waiting at the doctor’s office, LOL! Does that count?

5. in your opinion, what do you think of this the girl that fits this description? Do you think you would like to know her? What do you think her name should be? here: She had Red hair and dazzling, but piercing dark blue eyes. She walked with dignity, but yet with power. She had a sense of adventure, but was also cautious. She was one of the nicest girls in town, but also one of the meanest.

Oooh. This is hard! Somehow, I don’t think I would like her. I think knowing her would be nice, but maybe we wouldn’t be really…friends. I feel like her name would be…Sierra? Or Melissa, Dana, Denise, or Destiny.


6. How many times a month do you usually go to the pool? If you don’t go that often, then how much in a year?

Hmm….every year, probably about 15 times?

7. Have you ever moved to a different house?


Do you play a musical instrument? which one?

I play piano. 😀

8. What are some of your favorite things to do with your siblings?

I like to jump on the trampoline and  play board games with my brother. 🙂

9. Have you ever held a python?

No, thank goodness! I have a huge fear of death by snake. :/

10. what are your top ten favorite animals? Ten least favorites?

In no particular order…..


Cats, Dogs, Horses, Wild cats, Pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Bunnies, Deer, and Hedgehogs.


Snakes, Spiders, Leeches, Ticks, MOSQUITOES, Horse-flies, black-flies, Pirahnas, Warthogs!

Sorry, K.A….I only counted 10 questions! I’m not sure what  did wrong. 🙂

Now for the facts!

  1. I used to like avocado, but I know loathe it.
  2. I stab myself with pins all the time. This fact may or may not have been inspired by this:
      1. Yay! Blue ribbon! *pins ribbon on shirt, immediately stabs self*
        ❤ Miri❤

        LOL. Okay, back to the facts!

        3. I LOOOOVE rock climbing!

        4. I like to paint!

        5. I look a lot like a younger version of Rose from Doctor Who!


        7. My brother talks NON-STOP about a video game sometimes, and it drives me NUTS!

        8. Jenna is right beside me right now. (The doll, I mean!)

        9. I have this weird habit of cleaning my glasses whenever I get nervous

        10. I never color with crayons, though we have a HUGE collection of them! 🙂

        11. I like the number 11.

        I tag…..

        All people who love Doctor Who! (Calling all Whovians!)

        Here are my questions:

        1. Who was your favorite Doctor Who companion? (I love Clara!)

        2. Cherries or Rasberries?

        3. If you had to choose ONE FOOD to eat your WHOLE LIFE, what would it be?

        4. You got to design your very own bathing suit! What does it look like?

        5. Have you ever found quartz at the beach?

        6. Are you homeschooled?

        7. Have you ever read a book by Terry Pratchet?

        8. What was your favorite Disney film?

        9. Ever seen Wall-E?

        10. Would you rather be a pig or a cat for the day?

        11. And finally…..WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE IN A MOVIE?





9 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Yup! It’s kind of like Star Wars, in the sense that it’s a Sci-Fi show that a lot of people like. I recommend it! 🙂

    ❤ Miri ❤

    P.S. I nominate you, even though you've never seen DW. Your blog is awesome! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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