I Dare You! (Tag)

Okey-Dokey! Today, I’m doing a tag the fantabulous Rutvi tagged me for!


So basically what I’m going to do is come up with 3 blog-related dares (See below) and then tag five people. If you’ve been tagged, you have to (well, you can choose to) do the dares. You have to do all of them or none.:) Then, after you do your dares, you get to come up with your own! You can tag 5 people!

Make sense?:) I tag…




Grace~the girl upstairs


Now I have to do my dares! Oh dear….here they are.

  1. Find a post with the most adorable pictures you’ve ever seen and comment without using the word ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’.
  2. Write a poem called, “Ode to food” and post it.
  3. Write a post without using an exclamation mark.

Alright. Here is “Ode to food”:

Cheesy, Crispy, Spicy,

Food comes from everywhere,

Not just the supermarket,

Lots of places, like Peru!

France, and Brazil too.

We chew the food,

Sometimes broccoli, sometimes chili,

The thought of broccoli makes my spine go chilly.

Okay. That was “Ode to food”. And from here on out, I will not use any exclamation points.  And this is my comment without using “cute” or “adorable.”

Ack! She makes me feel like I need a Bonnie! She is amazing, Clara!😀
❤ Miri❤

Okay. Here are my dares:

  1. Write an 8-line poem about an animal you make up, then post it.
  2. Think of your LEAST favorite animal, THEN write a love poem to it, and post it.
  3. Think of the last time you took a picture, (you may look at it if you want) and try to re-create it. Then, post the original and the re-creation.

Get daring.







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