Who Should GOTY 2017 Be?~Tag

Hi everyone! Today we’re doing this fun tag again! It’s so fun! I was nominated by Hidden Hollow AG Crafts because she tagged anyone who has a doll with dark hair. And…

yeah. So, let’s go!

. What is your GOTY’s name?

What about…Wisteria-Luna Briony McLaughlin
. How old is she? 

. What does she look like?

She has really long wavy black hair and light grey eyes with long lashes. She is English.
. What is her personality?

She is always happy and very generous and also quite honest.
. What are her hobbies?

Journalism, crocheting, and making candy!
. Does she have any siblings?

She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers!
. Friends?

Yup! She is homeschooled, and her best friend is Rose Dessie
. Pets?

She has 4 cats, Juniper, Mona, Keara, and Papaya!
. What are the outfits in her collection?

Her meet outfit is a green long dress with pockets and jeans. She wears purple glasses with silver accents. Her accessory is a necklace with “W” on it.
. Anything else about her?

She loves Dr. Who!

I tag…






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