The Sunshine Blogger Award!


Hello, all! Today, Genna tagged me for this award! Thanks a bunch, Genna! I’ve never heard of this one before but it sounds fun!

Have you ever shoved a pie in your face or someone else’s?

Nope. My friend Oliver has, though!

Do you like Snickers?

Ummmm…sure? I don’t really have them that often XD

Can you eat a banana in 20 seconds?

No way! I don’t really like bananas so..uh…no.

Is there a meal you regularly skip?

Not really, but I don’t eat that much at breakfast. 🙂

Can you cook eggs?

Yup! I love cooking!

Do you like goat cheese?


Have you ever tried fried crickets?

Noooooooo….and I hope I never do. 😛

What is your favorite cake flavor?

I really dislike chocolate, but I LOVE LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ice cream is my favorite ice cream flavor. ANY KIND OF ICE CREAM IS GOOD WITH ME.

How do you feel about peppermint patties?

They’re good. 😀

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Argh…maybe Macaroni and Cheese? I dunno!

Thanks, Genna! That was really fun!

My Questions:

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Do you like pizza?

Favorite word?

Do you have a lucky number?

What is your LEAST favorite name?

What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

What is the BEST food you’ve ever eaten?

Do you like cherries?

Do you doodle a lot, and if so what do you doodle generally?

What is your favorite pattern?

Favorite piece of clothing you own?


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