Wellie Wishers~My Thoughts!

Isn’t it always exciting when AG releases new items? It is for me! Here is the long-awaited Wellie Wishers~My Thoughts post! Also, all the dolls are $60!


Let’s start off with Camille. Camille loves the ocean! I think she’s cute. Her blonde bob reminds me a lot of mine! I like her meet outfit. šŸ™‚


I think Emerson if my favourite! Her pink meet outfit isn’t my style, but I like her face.


Okay, never mind. Willa is my favourite! She’s so cuuuute! I may just be partial to red hair, though…I LOVE her meet outfit as well!


Kendall! I really like Kendall’s meet outfit…so colourful! She has a crafty personality, which, being a crafty person, I love! Her pigtails….asfhohfoahyo! SO cute!


I must say, YAY FOR DIVERSITY AG! Finally! Okay, back to Miss Ashlyn here. I was never a fan of princesses or the name Ashlyn, so she doesn’t really stand out to me, but I can see lots of little girls loving her!

4_2_playhouse (1)


OHMYGOSSSH THIS IS SO ADORABLE MIRI NEEDS. Oh….but it’s 250 DOLLARS! And also I live in Canada… šŸ˜¦



Like I said, not into the princess thing. :/ I think the tiara looks easily breakable, though…


I think this is OK. I like the purple colours and the shoes, but it seems a lot like an AG outfit I didn’t like. šŸ˜¦



EEEEK! I love the owl design! The stump table is cute, too.








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