Alrighty! Here is the much-awaited……THE NEW ADDITION….REVEALED!

She is a Journey Girl! Her name was originally Meredith, but I have changed it to…

Reia Amidala Skywalker!

because I’m a geek!

Thanks for the name suggestions, everybody! They were all great! I don’t have any pics of her yet, but here’s a picture from the internet of her:


Yup, that’s her! She came wearing that same white tank and a home-made skirt. I got her from a  thrift store! Here’s the story:

My mom was going out and she was stopping at Value Village and I went with her. We went to VV first, and I went straight to the toy section. I found a new Groovy Girl (Yay!) and one for my mom, who’s started getting them! Then I looked at the other dolls! I found a Madame Alexander doll, but I didn’t like her face, so I didn’t get her. Then I spotted Reia! I LOVED her, so I bought her. Her hair was actually in it’s original hairstyle and she had no marks on her. She’s so cute! She was $5!






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