Guest Post With Reia!

Hi, everyone! As you all know by now, we recently added a new addition to our doll family!

Yup, that’s me!

Uh-huh. Shush Rei! (Yes, we call her Rei.) Anyway, today Rei is doing a guest post with us! Here she is!



One minute, she’s reading a lego magazine…

Kay, here she is!

Hiiiiii! I’m Reia, but you can call me Rei. Or don’t, your call! But I am a JEDI….

Kinda.  I’m still training. Under the watchful eye of mom. *sigh*

Well, sweetie, you just can’t be using a lightsaber in the living room.

She’s just saying that cause’ I took out a lamp. 


So, I wanted to….

HAVE A Q&A!!!!!!!!

Any questions for my Q&A, comment them down below! Thankkkks!

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That was my…um…energetic Rei!



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