What to do When Your AG Doll Get’s Wet-No Removing Limbs or Hair Dryers

I found this a really helpful post! If your dolls ever get wet, make sure you do this!


Hello there!   A few days ago, while the dolls were playing D&G in the river, Emily was very clumsy and fell into the river!  I’ve watched all the YouTube videos there is on what to do when this happens, and the all involve removing limbs or hair dryers!  I don’t think I would ever touch a doll again if I had to remove it’s head, and I really don’t want to risk the hair dryer.  So when Emily fell in, I decided to come up with a way to not do those things!  So here we are!  Be sure to reblog this post so others can see it too!  Let’s get started!

image1.  Act Fast

Luckily, the catastrophe happened at the last scene on the photo story, so all the other dolls were already out of the river.  I managed to snap a picture of her in the water…

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