Rey & Kylo?

I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t about dolls! I’ve decided this will be a doll blog and a lifestyle blog. SO here we go!



Let’s pretend Kylo is Rey’s brother (Squee!), so that would mean Han is her dad. That would work age-wise. Rey is 19 and Kylo is 29-30-ish. So Rey would be his little sister.

Do they look the same to you? They kind of do to me.

And then, I think, Rey looks a LOT like Leia. So even though Kylo and Rey don’t that much the same, Rey and Leia look alike. SO THERE!



Do you like my new blog design? 😀


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9 thoughts on “Rey & Kylo?

  1. I have thought of maybe Rey and Kylo being siblings, but it doesn’t seem likely to me. I think Leia at least would have said something. I do think though, that Leia knows who Rey is and that Rey is most likely Luke’s daughter. I kinda don’t want that though. I want her to have been one Luke’s padawans and maybe she and Kylo were friends and she survived Kylo and the Knights of Ren. And I know she should have remembered him, but maybe she lost her memory? Who knows! I’m just so excited to find out who she really is! 😀

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