Guest Post By…My Dog.

Hi everybody! I’m Olivia, Miri’s new dog. I’m two years old and I LOVE to take walkies. I also like treats and my Kong toy. Here is a list of things I like:

  • Snuggles! And my pet bed, AKA “The Donut”
  • FRIENDS! I have a doggy friend named Acadia. She is nice.

That’s not all that I like. I also enjoy napping and going in Miri’s huge backyard. But not when it’s wet outside. I like baths and fun, but I don’t know how to fetch whatsoever. The cats don’t really like me though. Sigh. I like them, and I want to be friends! The yappy dogs across the street also hate me. They bark like lunatics. And our neighbour has a dog named Lucy, who ALSO hates me! at least my humans are my friends. But today I was sitting in the kitchen being helpful and a towel dropped on me! That scared me. The humans laughed but they patted me so it was all OK.



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