A Sorta-Kinda Tour Of My Desk

I know – I’m not posting in November! But I have a tiny bit of writer’s block, so…. *sigh*

The reason this is sorta-kinda is because there are no actual pictures of my desk – I’ll just be telling you about it. But don’t worry, I’ll try not to make it TOO boring.

So on my “main area” ( where my computer is ) I have my Pokemon cards, some pieces of random paper, some postcards, ( I do this thing called Postcrossing which is where it gives you a random address from someone somewhere in the world, and you get postcards too! It’s really cool. )

I also have my radio, a dead cactus ( whoops ), 2 books, and a rock from Ottawa. And some doll rollerskates.

On my first shelf ( My “Fandom” shelf  )



Yup. There it is!

We have my”Keep calm and read Harry Potter” postcard, a Perler bead owl, a stuffed owl, a Harry Potter book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, my Perler bead BB-8, My TARDIS painting by me, my Minecraft torch, my TARDIS birdhouse, and my golden snitch necklace.

On my second shelf:
7 notebooks, a mini scrapbook yet to be used, a mini calendar, a hair tie, a tiny sculpture, a necklace, a mini suitcase, and a lego minifigure.

On my top shelf:

One sketchbook, another notebook, a bag of hair ties, 5 stuffed animals, and LEGO Wall-E!

The End!



9 thoughts on “A Sorta-Kinda Tour Of My Desk

  1. I, A Very Random Person, hereby dare you, Miri, to go to Allison’s blog and comment the following on her Guestbook page:

    “I’d rather be a bird than a fish.”

    Once you’ve done it, feel free to dare another blogger! Have fun! 😛

    -A Person that is DEFINITELY not Clara

    Liked by 1 person

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