Sunshine Blogger Award! YAAAAY!

Hellllo, fabulous peoples! Today I will be doing an award…The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I’m walkin’ on suuuuuunshiiiiiiine…..woah-oh-oh!

I was nominated for this  by the wonderful Doll Dimensions!

Here are zee rules:

Answer the 11 questions given to you!

I must come up with 11 questions to ask you.

I must nominate 11 bloggers!

Salsa or guacamole?


Describe yourself in 3 (or more) fictional characters .

Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase, Um…

Assemble your ultimate team of fictional characters. (10 or less😉 )

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Dumbledore, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase…

Pick a My Little Pony character to be your BFF.

Pinky Pie!

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips?

All dressed.

If you went to Monster High or Ever After High, who would you be “The Daughter/Son of”?

Daughter of…Elf?

If you could say one thing to your favorite fictional character, what would it be?


If you were falling from a building, who would you want to catch you?

Uuuuuuuh… about a penguin?

Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Team Cap!

Mawage. It’s waht bwings us togeher today. (Just lemme know if you know what I’m talking about😉 )


What do you want for Christmas? (yes, I stole this from Abby🙂 )

Anything Star Wars!

My questions:

Summer or Winter?

What is your favorite girl’s name?

Do you play any instruments?

Favorite rodent?

Favorite type of Halloween candy?

BB-8 or R2D2?

Where would you most want to travel?

Do you like cherries?

Raspberries or blueberries?

Have you ever been on a plane?

What’s your favorite color?

My nominees:



Grace ( The Girl Upstairs )

Anyone else who wants to do this.



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