“How To Write A Letter To Santa” By Ginny and Poppy

Hello, there, cupcakes! It’s Poppy!

And Ginny!

And Ginny’s here, too! We’re going to tell your dolls how to write a letter to Santa!

You betcha! Mom’s brother is sick, and she asked us to write a post for her, so here we are.

Let’s get started.

First, you’re going to take some nice paper and start it like this:

Dear Santa,

You can also go with Dear Mr. Claus or Dear St. Nicholas or Dear Santa Claus, or whatever you want!

Yup! Now, write your actual letter. I’ll give you some examples AKA my list and Poppy’s list. My list goes like this:

Dear Santa,

Hi! It’s Ginny Willow, as you probably know. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you, Mrs. Claus, and the reindeer are doing well. I suppose you need my Christmas list, so here it is!

A stuffed giraffe

A puzzle

A new outfit

Thanks for listening,


And here’s mine:

Dear Santa,
Hi, it’s Poppy Ophelia Lake. I hope I find you well.
I am baking cookies, decorating, and  having
Christmas fun in general! Here is my list:
A  pair of  purple boots
A Rubiks cube
A reversible tote
Poppy O. Lake

Then, stick it in an envelope, address it, and send it!

Thanks for listening!





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