A Christmas Surprise-Part 1

Taken from the POV of Whimsy

Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?” I asked cheerily.

“Me.” said a little voice.

On the stoop stood a very young boy. His golden hair was flecked with snow. His nose and his ears were red, as well as his cheeks. He had freckles all over, and he looked very cold.

“Do you need help?” I wondered what this little guy was doing here. Mom would’ve told us if she was getting us a brother – wouldn’t she?

“No. This is where the orphanage told me to go. They said this was my home.”

“Come in, then.” I smiled warmly.

As the boy took of his coat, I ran upstairs to tell the other girls.

YES! I got a new doll at a thrift store. Here’s some hints on who he is:


Golden hair, red ears, cheeks, and nose, remember!

Any guesses?




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