How I spend my Christmas day! Day 22 of the Countdown

How I spend Christmas! I just love Christmas! Here’s what my family usually does:

  1. I wake up
  2. I wake my brother up
  3. We go downstairs to look at the tree.
  4. We wait a couple of minutes, then wake up our parents
  5. We open presents and look at our stockings
  6. We go to our grandparents house and open our presents that they give us ( Our Aunt and Uncle also come to ou grandparents, so that’s fun. )
  7. We eat dinner at my grandparents house. ( My Grandma makes THE BEST food…*drools* )
  8. We go home and have fun!
  9. On Boxing Day we go to my other grandparent’s house!

Yay! How do you spend your Christmas?



11 thoughts on “How I spend my Christmas day! Day 22 of the Countdown

  1. In my house we wake up, at like 4 AM and then wake our parents up so they can film us opening all of the gifts!
    Then we clean up the wrapping paper (exhausted) then me and my sis go upstairs to play with our gifts (while our parents make the turkey) and then we watch a bit of the good XMAS TV shows or A David Walliams movie!
    – Lucky 🍀

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  2. Sounds like an awesome Christmas! We open the presents from my parents and grandparents on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day we go to my uncle’s house for brunch and to open presents from my other grandma and family.

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  3. That sounds really fun! My brothers and I usually sneak out and stare at everything for a while, then wait for a decent hour to wake up my parents. (My brothers may be well in their 20’s, but they still act like 5 year olds on Christmas 😉 )

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