Random Mashing of Thoughts

I suck at titles, OK? Now! Let the Random Mashing of Thoughts commence.

  • 2017

Wow, can you really believe it’s actually 2017? Like…wow. That just blows my mind. 2016 went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday Lea was released. Yikes.

  • Gabriela

To be honest, just…meh. I like the fact that they (finally) are making an African-American GOTY (Yay diversity!)…but really? They could have put a LOT more effort into her. :/ I’ll be posting something about that.


Whaaaat? How did that happen? 70 followers! I will be doing a post about that soon. 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Plans for a dollhouse

Yep, I’m thinking about making a dollhouse. Exciting!

  • Writing projects

I have a lot going on right now in the way of writing. Which is exciting but also sort of intimidating, LOL.

  • I am so done with winter.

What else can I say? Cold, wet, miserable…foggy glasses (GRRR)…argh…

  • Ummm…

That’s about all I have. Stay tuned for more posts soon!



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