Everyone Except for Samantha (agdollawesome) Please Read This!

Go to The Joys of Julia and comment on this post if you want to do this! What an awesome idea!

Love My Dollies

Hello My Beautiful Internet Beans!

Except for you Samantha. If your reading this.. GET OUT. (You’ll find what this is all about eventually. For now, please have patience, and leave 🙂 ) I’ll give you some time to leave.

Okay, now that Samantha is gone, let’s get on to today’s topic.

Samantha’s birthday happened recently, (December 31st to be specific), and to celebrate her birthday I’m going to make her a poster. I am going to put “Happy Birthday Samantha! ~The Online AG Community” in the middle. On the outside, well that’s where I need your help. On the outside, around the words I’m going to fill it up with names.

More specifically your names. The names of the online AG community.

So, if you want to be apart of this, simply comment that your name, and that you…

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