The New Dude! ( He’s also a doll. )

So…I kinda forgot to post the reveal of the new doll from this post. Whoops.

Hehehe…*runs away*

Clara guessed right! Disney Animator Kristoff! He’s so adorable. I got him at a thrift store for 3 dollars. Yay! HE’S SO CUUUUTE!

Like, seriously. He’s adorable.


Oh, and also…another SUPER exciting find! Something for Norah! For 5 dollars from Value Village:


Not my photo. 😀 It came missing the two baskets underneath, but that wasn’t a problem. I already had two boxes that have pandas on them. 🙂 It’s ADORABLE! It’s meant for twins, so we put Norah’s clothes in one bed and she uses one bed for sleeping in. I love it!



9 thoughts on “The New Dude! ( He’s also a doll. )

  1. Kristoff is so cute and will make a great addition to your collection!
    Nora’s bed/storage unit looks so cool and awesome!
    Those were really great deals!
    -Lucky 🍀

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