Gabriela Mcbride Thoughts + Updates to the blog!

Okey-dokey! Here are my thoughts on Gabriela:

She’s pretty! I liked Number 46, so I do like the doll herself, but I wish AG had been more creative. Then there’s the topic of her being a dancer. Not like I dislike dancers or anything, but there are a LOT of dancers in the GOTY line. I like the fact that she writes poems, but maybe instead of being a dancer and a poet, she could be a Jedi and a poet, huh? Just saying, we need a Jedi GOTY.

(I made the untitled design 3 thing on canva, but it’s being annoying. So click on the link to see the picture that was supposed to be inserted here)



I might end up getting her, to be honest. I might be a little disappointed in AG’s creativity in this case, but I do like Gabby.

You see, I’m torn. AG was very UN-creative in this case, but I REALLY want to encourage AG’s diversity. I want to encourage that a lot because it is very important to me that AG realises – hey, we need some diversity!

Then, they’re saying she’s the last GOTY.

How do I feel about this? I think this sums it up:

giphy (4).gif

Ahh, minions.

So, I might get her.

ALSO! I added the comments section to some of my pages so you can now comment on them. Sorry that didn’t happen sooner. Byeeee!




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