Meet Abby!

Abby is a Disney Animator Tinkerbell doll! I found her at a Value Village for 4 dollars. I was super happy to find her! She wasn’t dressed, but her chubby face totally makes up for that! here’s a picture of her (not my picture):


She’s waaaay cuter in real life. Her blue eyes are gorgeous, and luckily I got her when her hair was still in its original hair band. She’s so cute with Kristoff! I love her!

Her full name is now Abigail (Abby) Frost Berry.

Also, on the same thrift trip as when I got her, I got three groovy girls: Ruby Mae, Cara, and Franci. Franci is adorable! And I forgot to introduce two Baby Stella dolls, made by Manhattan Toy, the same brand as the Groovy Girls. Their names are Zoe and Sebastian! Such cuties. I’ll share more soon. For my birthday I got a $20 gift certificate for our local bookstore, which has THE cutest baby & children’s toy section, along with some really great books. 🙂 It took a while to figure out what to choose, cause everything is too adorable! I ended up picking this little cutie:


She’s also made by Manhattan Toy. There is also a bear and a lion. Her little sleeper is fabulous! I named her Tacy Daffodil.  I think that’s all! 😀



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