Mini March Recap (so far) + Some Other Things

Hey! I’m blogging from my mom’s computer (my computer still isn’t working) which is really strange for me, LOL. Today I decided to do a March recap. So let’s get started!

First I’ll tell you about my favorite thing that happened in February: I met kaitlynrh1! She was so sweet, and it was really fun to talk about dolls together. It was awesome to meet you, kaitlynrh1, and I hope we can do it again!

Now to the actual things in March!

One of the really big things that happened was: My choir did our first show of the spring! It was a little nerve wracking, as with every show, but we survived! And I think we sang pretty well too.

Looking in the future, me and my mom, my brother, and my grandparents are going on a road trip together starting on the 27th. No posts from the 27th to the 31st, but I’ll have lots of pictures to share!

I’m still doing choir and loving it! Our choir director is amazing, as well as our pianist, and while it can be somewhat stressful at times, it is a lot of fun.


AND TOMORROW IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Can I get a YAY? It’s starting to warm up here, thank goodness.

Also, WE HIT 80 FOLLOWERS! Thank you all so much!

And I got a new doll at a thrift store! She’s Our Generation and her name is Soleil March Carver. She was originally a Belle doll. She has long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair was quite a mess when I got her. A Restoration post with pictures is coming up.

And I think that’s all for now! Seeya!



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