Soleil’s Restoration (WITH PICTURES!)

2017-04-24 15.34.02

Sorry this took so long! I was having a bunch of troubles with my pictures, ugh. And if you’re not sure who Soleil is, she’s a rescued Our Generation doll.

2017-03-05 13.27.24 (2)

Here’s the before. And please keep in mind that I’m not a professional at this. If you have any tips, let me know!

First I got my magic eraser. Then I rubbed her arms, legs, and face with it.

2017-03-05 13.31.34

Her arm before.

2017-03-05 13.32.43

And after!

2017-03-05 13.37.07.jpg

Her hair was SO bad, poor girl. It was just a rat’s nest! So I brushed it out and got it wet, and then shampooed and conditioned it. Afterwards, I brushed it out.

2017-03-05 13.50.54.jpg

As you can see, someone had dyed a bit of her hair pink.

2017-03-05 14.04.41.jpg

Then I blow-dried her hair.

2017-03-05 14.08.10.jpg


I’m honestly really happy with how she turned out!

And now that I have the photos worked out, I have a GAZILLION more posts planned! Yay!

And by the way, her full name is Soleil March Carver!




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