DIY Doll Bed

Hello, lovelies! A while ago I wanted to make a doll bed. So after I did, I wanted to share how to make it with you!

2017-03-05 17.49.04

First, find a box the right size for your doll.

2017-03-05 17.49.58

Then get some felt!
2017-03-05 17.52.23

Make two squares of felt for your pillows.

2017-03-05 17.56.15

Hot glue all the sides but one for your pillow squares, and stuff them through the one side that is unglued. And please be careful with the hot glue gun! If you need help, please ask a parent or guardian for help. Once your pillows are stuffed, hot glue the unglued side to seal up your pillows.

2017-03-05 18.05.01

Find a piece of felt to cover up your box, and glue it on so it covers the box.

2017-03-05 18.10.23

Glue on your pillows.

miri2017-03-05 18.18.04 (1)

Add bedding and you’re done! Sorry for the blurry picture!

Thanks for reading!







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