AG New Release Thoughts!

OK. First, let me start off this post by apologizing. We’ve been busy lately, but not too busy, and I should’ve been blogging more. It’s been forever! Happy summer! I can’t believe how long I’ve been gone. Once again, I’m really sorry. I have more posts in the works!

And, also before we start the post, HUGE thanks to Megan for helping me redesign my blog! She was amazing and if you want to redesign your blog I would totally recommend her. She just did such a great job. I love my new blog design! Thanks, Megan! ( And also thanks to Clara for recommending Megan! )

And one more thing before we start! I downloaded these pictures from other people’s blogs. This was a while ago, so I don’t remember which blogs. Sorry about that! I would give credit, but I don’t know where these are from, and like I said, they are from multiple other blogs. Just wanted to say that.

Now let’s get started!

AG’s new release…I have mixed thoughts. I’m still super relieved about the whole no more permapanties thing ( see my post about that here. ), but on the other hand, I dislike many of the new things they released. What do you think?


The new dolls! What cuties! From left to right I’ll call them Kelsie, Harley, and June.

Kelsie: LOVE her hair! Someday I might have to own her!

Harley: AAAH! She’s super cute too! To be honest, I would be afraid to touch her hair, but I love her!

June: June is probably my least favourite. She’s cute though!

And as for the new outfit, I love everything except for the shoes. The dress and the sweater are adorable!

unnamed (2)

So cute! They are now offering the dolls with no hair as TM dolls, so you now don’t have to special order them!

unnamed (1)

I don’t know why, but I really dislike this hat. It’s just not for me.

unnamed (3)

LOVE this! Too cute. The sweater is adorable!

unnamed (4)

Argh, this photo is tiny! Sorry! I love this set! It’s expensive but adorable.

unnamed (5)

This is cute, but I only really like Coconut. And it’s $50, which seems pretty high to me.

unnamed (6)

This reminds me of Grace’s suitcase! It’s okay. Not my favourite, but I can see other people liking it.

unnamed (8)

I adore this outfit! PURPLE!
unnamed (9)

This is probably one of my favourites from this release. It’s so realistic and CUTE!

unnamed (10)

Nope. I don’t like this one. The camera is cute, but nothing else really appeals to me, and the banana seems a little random.

unnamed (12)

Love this dress!

unnamed (13)

NO! I just dislike everything in this outfit, ESPECIALLY together.

unnamed (14)

Once again, I’m not a fan of this outfit.

unnamed (15)

CUTE! I love this skirt!

unnamed (16)

I don’t get the whole tights and shorts thing! And I don’t like the top either.

unnamed (17)

Cute! I love the turquoise ones.

unnamed (18)


I LOVE these. Not cutesy, but very sophisticated, and the colours are gorgeous!

unnamed (19)

I’m just kind of meh about this outfit. I’m not really a sports girl, but I am glad it’s not pink!

unnamed (20)

Cute, but I wouldn’t spend my money on it.

unnamed (21)

OOH! YAY! I like this set! It’s not too pink, and it comes with a lot of very realistic items.

unnamed (22)

It’s just another locker set to me, I like that it’s blue but other than that, I don’t care for it.

unnamed (23)

Adorable! This is an item I would consider buying!

Aww! I love the cat! She looks like Licorice! The dog is cute too!

unnamed (26)

Honestly, I don’t like this shirt. I LOVE Coconut, but I’m not a fan of the graphic.


EEE! Love, love, LOVE this! It’s like McKenna’s loft bed, but I like it more and I love the teal colour.

And that concludes my post! What do you think of the new items? Let me know on my contact page or in the comments section!

And one last thing: Charis ( rhymes with Paris ) Rae just started self-hosting her own blog! Go check it out over!



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