Guinea Pigs!

Hello, lovelies! So today (well, actually yesterday) something really exciting happened! yesterday was my brother’s birthday, and he and I have both been wanting guinea pigs for a really long time. My parents said we could get guinea pigs! We’re going to get two because they like to have friends. One will be mine, and the other will be my brother’s! But I need YOUR help! My brother has decided to name his guinea pig Daisy, but what should I name mine? The names I’m considering are:


Indigo (Indie for short)

Curry (as suggested by my brother)


Please let me know which one you like! And if you have any suggestions, comment those too!

Sorry, there’s no poll, I’m lazy. XD



17 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs!

  1. You guys got guinea pigs?! That’s awesome! What do they look like? I really like the name Dotty and Indigo. Patrick says happy birthday to your brother too! πŸ˜€

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  2. Congrats on getting guinea pigs! I would name them:
    Evergreen (OK, cut me some slack here I am trying my best!)
    That is all of the names I could come up with for now! I hope you like them!


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