Guinea Pig Update & Doll Repainting

Hello, lovelies! Nano is now over, meaning getting back to blogging will be easier ( I hope! ). I’m also going to be setting up a blogging schedule soon! I’d like to post at least two times a week as I haven’t been so good about that lately.

Anyway, in my last post, I broke the very exciting news that we will be getting guinea pigs! Well, now we’ve gotten them! They are just so adorable. We got them from a local shelter in our area, and they had the names Cashew and Clementine which we thought were just adorable names, so we decided to keep them. As I write this post, I can hear them eating and squeaking. The squeaking noises they make really are just so cute! Clementine, my guinea pig, is sort of a gingerbread colour.

Speaking of pets, our cat Natalie is ALMOST TWENTY! That’s really old for a cat. Like, really old. She’ll be twenty on Christmas!

In other words, all our pets are doing well!

Now, you may have noticed that I have also written Doll Repainting in the title! That is because I have started to repaint doll’s faces ( No, NOT American Girl faces or anything like that. That would be a disaster. )! You may have heard of the artist Sonia Singh, who repaints dolls to look like real people! You can check her out here! I thought that was really cool, so I decided to give it a try myself. I like to draw and paint, so I thought “how hard can it be?”

Well, harder than I thought for sure. First, you have to wipe off their “factory paint” with nail polish remover, which is kind of terrifying. Then you have to actually paint on a face, and their faces are TINY. ( I use Bratz dolls to repaint: I don’t like their faces, but if you do, please don’t take offence; their faces just aren’t for me. ) I get my dolls to repaint at thrift stores ( because we all know how much I love thrift stores! )

That’s all for now!





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