New GOTY Luciana Vega

When I saw Luciana Vega for the first time what I thought was….


She’s. So. Cool.

I love so many things about her! Something I absolutely love about her is that she’s a PoC! Yay! AND she’s into STEM. Like, Luciana is pretty much my dream GOTY.

*Please note that all the prices listed on this blog are in Canadian dollars*

And here she is:


Luciana Doll, Book, And Accessories


Her accessories (The backpack, star chart, smart watch, space ice cream, space camp log book, and space camp graduation certificate) are really cool! I especially love the backpack. And the space ice cream is super cool!

Luciana herself is so pretty! I love her side bangs and her purple streak!

Her outfit: I LOVE the boots. They’re so cool! I actually really like the galaxy print on her dress. I kinda wish it wasn’t a dress, but oh well. What are ya gonna do? her belt is kinda meh for me. Her necklaces are pretty. I love how one of them matches her boots!


Luciana’s Maker Station


This is cool, but honestly, it seems pretty pricey to me. I like how Luci has some Lego! Oh, wait it’s…MEGA CONSTRUX. Okay, not Lego. I don’t have a lot to say about this set.


Luciana’s Mars Habitat


OOOOOOOHHHHHH WOOOOOOW. Reeeeeallly expensive, but SOOOO COOL. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Sorry for all the caps. It’s really cool.  Luciana’s big ticket item is, in my opinion, the best AG big ticket item I’ve ever seen. I love this set.


Luciana’s Robotic Dog


This is adorable! Love how the bone is a wrench! I wish it wasn’t pink (I’m just not a pink person) but overall it’s super cute.


Luciana’s Flight Suit


This is so adorable! I love how realistic it is. It looks great on Luci! I just love it!


Luciana’s Stellar Outfit


This is probably my least favourite thing in her collection. It’s okay. Meh.


Luciana’s PJ’s


I love these so much! They’re really soooo cute! And I know this isn’t really related, but her buns in this photo are so adorable!


Luciana’s Space Suit

This is only for AG Rewards members, but woaaaaaah. This is amazing! So realistic. I’m kind of dying just looking at it and wanting it. This is so cool.


Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories

The shirt. I neeeeeeed the shirt.




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