Mini Q&A Answers!

Hello, lovelies! So today we have a little mini Q&A. Many thanks to Mary E. and The Director for asking me some really great questions! So let’s start!

Miniature Q&A!

Our first question is from The Director!

How did you come up with the title for your blog?

This is actually a really interesting question that I’ve never really thought of before! When I first started my blog, it was specifically doll-centred. Of course I still absolutely love my dolls (I even have a huge doll-related announcement coming soon!) even though I also post about other things now. When creating my blog, I was thinking about how I could express how much my dolls mean to me and give people a sense of what my posts would be like! I came up with Small Dolls Big Hearts!

Our second question, from The Director:

Why did you start blogging?

This is a tough one because there are so many reasons! I love to write and to share my interests and I thought that having a blog would be super interesting. Dolls are one of my favourite things (along with reading, writing, and cats), so I decided to blog about them. At first, I thought there would be zero doll-blogging community but I soon learned there was, and you’re all awesome! I do it mostly for fun and to interact with all of my awesome internet friends!

Our next question comes from Mary E:

What’s your favourite sport?

Hmmm…being Canadian, I would probably say hockey! I’m not even that good at hockey, but I love watching it and trying to play it! Apparently, I’m really good at football, but it’s actually one of my least favourite sports.

From Mary E:

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

This is definitely the most difficult question! I love almost all aspects of blogging, but mostly YOU GUYS! My second favourite part is probably writing my posts. I enjoy making content for my blog even if I don’t post nearly as much as I should (oops!)!

Our last question, from Mary E:

What’s your favourite thing that you have?

I would say my doll stuff in general! Also, my favourite books. And my cat! And my guinea pig. I love all my things! Ooh, and my nice markers/sketchbook! And all of my many hoodies. Fun fact: I have waaaay too many sweaters. Way too many.

Thank you again, Mary E. and The Director! (Check their blogs out, by the way!)

Bye for now!




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