Meet The Dolls!

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We’ll start off with Brianne, the first doll I got:


Full Name: Brianne Karen Kovac

Nickname: Bri, or Anne

Type: Maplelea

Colour: Pink

Age: 17

BFF: Saila

Pet/s: none

Personality: Fashionable!

How I got her:

I got Brianne when I was three for my birthday. I had instantly fallen in love with her when I saw at the back of my “Chirp” magazine. I had been secretly wanting her desperately for months. When I opened her on my birthday, I loved her as much as I had thought I would!

Fun Fact: Brianne fell off of a bunk bed, so one of her eyes has a slight problem

Favourite Game: Any board game, really!

Movie: The Lego Movie

Animal: Rabbits, Cows, and Horses!

Now, Saila!


Full Name: Saila Tikaani Qilavvaq

Nickname: None

Type: Maplelea

Colour: Blue or Purple!

Age: 15

BFF: Brianne and Meadow

Pet/s: Her sleigh dogs

personality: Quiet, peaceful, and lovable

How I got her:

I got Saila after saving for her because I thought Brianne needed a friend. I remember being SO excited when I realized I finally had the money to buy my beautiful Saila!

Fun Fact: Saila is Inuit!

Fave Game: Apples To Apples

Movie: Home

Animal: Polar Bears!

Onto Jenna.


Full Name: Jenna Margaret McAlister

Type: Maplelea

Colour: Green/Blue

Age: 15

Nickname: Jen

BFF: Whimsy and Saila

Pet/s: none

Personality: Slightly sarcastic, funny, kind

How I got her:

I also saved up for Jenna after a long time of deliberation about which doll I should get. In the end, Jenna won, and I’m so glad she did. I couldn’t live without my spunky redhead!

Fave Game: Mario Kart Wii

Movie: Frozen

Animal: Cats! Cats! Cats!

Then I got Skye.


Full Name: Skye Lavender Amelia Baxter

Type: American Girl

Colour: Skye blue!

Age: 14

Nickname: Lav, sometimes.

BFF: Whimsy

Pet/s: Araminta, her pug

Personality: Bold, sweet, loving, dramatic

How I got her:

My uncle got her for me! Here’s the story: I was really excited to go to the AG store they had where he lives. We went, and I had hinted a bit at getting a new doll. We were looking at stuff and my mom came over to talk to my uncle, so I left them alone. When I came back, my uncle said, “Which one do you want?”

Fave Game: Hide-And-Seek

Movie: Harry Potter

Animal: Unicorns

Next up, Meadow!

AKA Melisande

Full Name: Meadow Victoria Charlsea Woodhouse

Age: 15

Type: Maplelea


BFF: Everyone she meets!

Nickname: None

BFF: Everyone she meets!

Pet/s: none

Personality: Spunky, crafty, fun

How I got her:

I bought Meadow a few months after Maplelea came out with her, because I LOVED HER SO MUCH!!!

Fave Game: Minecraft

Movie: Star Wars

Animal: Any Animal!!

I couldn’t forget Ginny! Here goes:


Full Name: Ginevra Willow Brady

Nickname: Ginny, Gin-Gin

Type: Maplelea

Colour: Well, she is a huge Harry Potter nerd, so…all the house colours, really.

Age: 13

BFF: Harry Potter

Pet/s: none

personality: Harry-Potter-Loving, caring, funny, dutiful, loyal

How I got her:

My Mom and Dad got her for me Xmas 2015! I will never EVER forget how surprised and excited I was in that moment!

Fave Game: Harry Potter…anything Harry Potter

Movie: HARRY POTTER. Obviously!

Animal: Hippogriff. Even you saw that one coming.

And now, Whimsy!

Whimsy Being Whimsical

Full Name: Whimsy Sadie Baxter

Nickname: Whim, Whim-Whim

Type: Maplelea

Colour: Yellow or Pink

Age: 13

BFF: Skye and Ginny

Pet/s: None

Personality: amazing, whimsical, cute, hilarious

How I got her:

I bought Whimsy for $25 on Kijiji!!

Fave Game:

Movie: Wall E

Animal: Zebra.

Now, for Seraphina.

20160101_230543037_iOS - Copy - Copy

Full Name: Seraphina Emily Norton

Nickname: Sera, Em

Type: Our Generation

Colour: Mahogany

Age: 12

BFF: All her sisters!

Pet/s: Her teacup chihuahua, Flera

Personality: cute, funny, spring-in-her-step!

How I got her:

I bought Seraphina at a thrift store for FIVE DOLLARS!!

Fave Game: freezetag

Movie: Despicable Me

Animal: Dogs

And Now Rebecca!!!


Full Name: Rebecca Maya Vivian Amber Rubin

Nickname: Becca, Becky, Beck

Type: American Girl

Colour: Dusty blue

Age: 15

BFF: Anyone, Everyone!

Pet/s: her dalmation puppy

Personality: adorable, storyteller, sweetheart, pretty, cool

How I got her:

My aunt, uncle, gramma, gramma, grampa, and grampa got her for me for my birthday!

Fave Game: Crossy Road

Movie: all the AG movies!

Animal: Kittens!



Full Name: Zinnia Azalea Monroe

Nickname: Zin-zin, Zinny

Type: Maplelea Friend

Colour: BRIGHT yellow!

Age: 13

BFF: Everyone!

Pet/s: She used to have a goldfish!

Personality: Kind, Dramatic, Funny!

I bought Zinnia after saving up for her!

Fave Game: Hot Potato and Volleyball

Movie: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Animal: She loves all animals!

Now, let’s move on to AJ!


Full Name: Alexi Jorja ( AJ ) Niel

Nickname: AJ, Lexi, Jor

Type: Maplelea

Colour: ORANGE!

Religion: none

Age: 11

BFF: She is nice to everyone ( a little too nice sometimes. She is a bit…..nutso. )

Pet/s: none. We’re worried she would forget to feed it.

Personality: Crazy, crazy, crazy, and ENERGETIC.

I got AJ from Kijiji for eighty dollars.

Fave Game: All things active!!!!

Movie: Well, it’s not a movie, but she loves The Amazing Race. ( especially the Canada one! )

Animal: Monkeys!

Now, we’ll move on to Poppy.



Full Name: Poppy Ophelia Lake

Nickname: Popcorn

Type: American Girl #61

Colour: Seafoam green

Age: 15

BFF: She loves all her sisters, but spends a lot of time with Becca.

Pets: She has a dog named Nukilik that she got for her birthday.

Personality: Poppy is really nice to everybody. She loves animals, especially!

I picked out Poppy when we went on our train trip to Ottawa.

Fave Game: She like Minecraft and Undertale.

Movie: She like Secret Life of Pets!

Animal: Poppy loves ducks.


Now, we’ll go to Norah.

Full Name: Norah Joy Ashton

Nickname: Norrie, Joy, Norah J.

Type: She is a Pleasant Company Bitty Baby

Colour: She seems to like light red.

Age: 8 months

BFF: She loves everyone!

Pets: She’s a baby. She doesn’t have any pets.

Personality: She’s very friendly and good.

How I got her:

I found Norah at a thrift store for 4 dollars. I was amazed, and SO HAPPY.

Fave Game: She likes to play Patty-Cake or Peek-A-Boo.

Movie: She laughs whenever she sees Veggie Tales.

Animal: Pandas and Butterflies.